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We express ourselves in different styles…some with the way they dress and some with the way they speak.

But basically, we want to be in fashion. FASHION is considered to be the expression of one’s inner self and not the reflection of what we should expressed. We should see ourselves as canvasses- made for a masterpiece and enter the gallery where everyone will look at.

Hmmmm…since I already introduced fashion, allow me to mention The Balikbayan Box Sale– an online store for fashionable items especially made for ladies and gentlemen.

I really like the name, from the term balikbayan box, I feel excited everytime I open their Facebook Page (   since I believe another fashionable items were posted. From bags, perfumes, shoes, make-up, and accessories- up to watches, Balikbayan Box had all of these.

I admit, I am fond of watches, whether it is branded or not! I had collections of watches (although not branded hahaha!), which I paired to my everyday attire.

When I found out this page, I was amazed on the styles of their watches. Take a look of some of my favorites! (courtesy of

The ever classy watch 🙂


I really love pink 🙂 This one is so cute…










The chic watch 🙂









Absolutely for the guys…












Other stuffs you may like:



















And many more..just don’t forget to visit their Facebook Page and a friendly seller will accommodate you.

At Balikbayan Box, You’ve Got it All!! Start shopping now 🙂


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