You’ve Got it All @Balikbayan Box Sale

We express ourselves in different styles…some with the way they dress and some with the way they speak.

But basically, we want to be in fashion. FASHION is considered to be the expression of one’s inner self and not the reflection of what we should expressed. We should see ourselves as canvasses- made for a masterpiece and enter the gallery where everyone will look at.

Hmmmm…since I already introduced fashion, allow me to mention The Balikbayan Box Sale– an online store for fashionable items especially made for ladies and gentlemen.

I really like the name, from the term balikbayan box, I feel excited everytime I open their Facebook Page (   since I believe another fashionable items were posted. From bags, perfumes, shoes, make-up, and accessories- up to watches, Balikbayan Box had all of these.

I admit, I am fond of watches, whether it is branded or not! I had collections of watches (although not branded hahaha!), which I paired to my everyday attire.

When I found out this page, I was amazed on the styles of their watches. Take a look of some of my favorites! (courtesy of

The ever classy watch 🙂


I really love pink 🙂 This one is so cute…










The chic watch 🙂









Absolutely for the guys…












Other stuffs you may like:



















And many more..just don’t forget to visit their Facebook Page and a friendly seller will accommodate you.

At Balikbayan Box, You’ve Got it All!! Start shopping now 🙂


World’s Oldest Man Ever Lived is Jiroemon Kimura, First Japanese Man to reach the age of 115


Image Credit: Facebook Page:Jiroemon Kimura

Jiroemon Kimura from Japan is now considered the world’s oldest man ever at the age of 115.

According to Telegraph news reports, Jiroemon Kimura was born on April 19, 1897 and is fond of eating ed bean cake and rice. Kimura already had 14 grandchildren, 25 great-grandchildren and 13 great-great grandchildren and currently lives with his son’s family in Kyotango, near Kyoto.

Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday travelled to Mr. Kimura‘s hometown last October to deliver a copy of the Guinness World Records 2013. According to him, it was an honour to meet Mr. Kimura whom he called “an exceptional person” and is only the third man in the history of the world to reach the age of 115, reports said.

How come he’s still doing well at his age? As posted on his Facebook page, here’s the reason why:

Kimura is health conscious and active. He wakes up early in the morning and reads newspapers with a magnifying glass. Also, he enjoys talking to guests and follows live parliamentary debates on television. According to him, small portions of food are the key to a long and healthy life.

Hmm..good job Mr. Kimura!

Got my iPhone 5 today!

iPhone 5
Image Credit: iPad grab

The much-awaited Apple iPhone 5 went on sale in the Philippines this Friday, December 14, 2012 with Globe Telecom and Smart Communications.

I considered myself lucky to own iPhone 5, although at first I encountered problems. Last week, I made reservations to Globe Telecom so that I can pick-up the handset during the launching. They confirm my reservation and I was advised to pick up the phone at Globe Tower Building, Valero Makati around 11 am.

I was kinda excited and was there by 10 am. When my number was called (number 84), the Globe representative told me that they only accept those with postpaid-plans, and it was in Fort where prepaid users should go. Oh-emm! But, she then told me she will give me the handset but it will be color black since white is out-of-stock. I insist that I reserved for color white and they accept my reservation, plus the venue where I should get the handset, including the total amount I need to pay. She then told me if I’m willing to wait, I could have my preferred color since new handsets will be delivered. Luckily, there is. What a relief!

These are the features of new iPhone 5:

  • 4-inch Retina display
  • Ultra fast wireless
  • Powerful A6 chip– delivers up to twice the CPU performance and renders graphics up to twice as fast
  • 8-megapixel iSight camera with panorama
  • iOS 6– World’s most advanced mobile OS with new Maps, Facebook integration, Passbook and more.

With weight of 3.95 ounces (112 grams), iPhone 5 is lighter than previous iPhone models.

Get your iPhone now!

LPU- College of Computer Studies Launched Computer Literacy Project For First Sem SY. 2012-2013

Computer Literacy Graduation
Image Credit:

Lyceum of the Philippines University, espousing the ideals of Jose P. Laurel is committed to its mission of supporting a sustainable community extension program and be a catalyst for social transformation and custodian of Filipino culture and heritage. The community involvement of the school is being reflected in various programs launched by its college in the adopted communities.

To support the mission of the school, the College of Computer Studies is conducting semestral Computer Literacy program to different schools within Batangas City. The program aims to provide the participants with the basic knowledge in using computers and basic application like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Internet. It is because nowadays, computers have become pervasive and essential; thus learning these basic concepts can help them become updated with the technologies that we have.

For the First Semester SY 2012-2013, CCS conducted the training to first year and second year students of Tinga Soro-Soro National High School (TISISI). The tutorials were done every Saturday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and CCS faculty members alloted their free time to share their knowledge and expertise to the participants.